Soleil Niklasson Quintet





                                                                    Soleil Niklasson - voc 


Andreas Laux - sax             Sven Bergmann - p              Caspar van Meel - b             Andreas Griefingholt - dr









The Soleil Niklasson Quintet is a band that develops its own sound impulsively and at the same time sensitively between Jazz and Soul. The band shows that pure power and soft tones are not mutually exclusive.


The band's repertoire consists of their own pieces, which are stylistically influenced by Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Latin.


(...) Soleil Niklasson now already is one of the very big singers of  Jazz, Blues and Soul (...)  (Westfälische Nachrichten)


(...) Soleil Niklasson has one of the most striking Jazz-/Soulvoices since long (...)  (Akkustik Gitarre)


The focus of the band is Chicago-born singer Soleil Niklasson. The charismatic singer Soleil Niklasson from Chicago grew up with Jazz, Gospel and Soul music and this authenticity can also be felt in her music in her concerts.


Already at the early age of 5 she sang together with the legendary Oscar Brown Jr. on television. She has worked with legends such as Stan Getz, Billy Preston, Linda Hopkins and toured in Europe and the USA.



Soleil - "the sun" - is a spiritual singer who is able to captivate the audience with her enchanting voice. Her singing comes from the heart and radiates pure “joie de vivre”. Her voice touches, is warm and powerful, grounded and full of energy.



Soleil's motto: "My theme is to challenge the mind and move hearts!"



Together with the fresh sound of her excellent band, every concert becomes a unique listening experience.